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SimpleLend is Canada’s premier brokerage providing a wide access of  different types of credit facilities for our small and medium sized business clients. Our core focus is providing businesses with accessible capital at fair interest rates through a simple online process. SimpleLend gives access to simple and attractive loans while supporting the growth of local businesses. Our strong relationships with lenders allows us to shop for the best loans for your business without hitting your credit multiple times. We charge no fees and get paid from the lenders. Work with a broker today for free and find the right loan that helps your business grow.


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How SimpleLend Works

Businesses complete a simple online loan application to provide details on their creditworthiness (it only takes 5 minutes)


SimpleLend evaluates the loan request to determine if it is eligible.

Lenders view listings on the marketplace and commit funds to businesses they want to lend to

Lenders commit funds and a offer is proposed. Business signs agreement and is funded within 3 business days.

We Have Loans To Suit Your Needs

Whatever you need a loan for, SimpleLend is here to help you out. We’re 100% focused on small and medium business. Our goal is to provide financing that works for you.
With countless business opportunities, we understand that flexibility is key to making sure you get something that suits your needs. We provide term loans to help your small business grow.

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If your application is approved, you will be asked to accept the proposed terms for your loan.

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Once terms are accepted,  the funds are deposited within 3 business days. 

Make Repayments

We will automatically withdraw your monthly loan payments from your bank account.



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