Close more sales on the spot.
Do it with a payment plan.
Get credit checks in seconds, complete applications in minutes. SimpleLend is the quick, mobile-friendly way to send customers home with the purchase they want.

Your price tag isn’t $2,500. It’s $40 bi-weekly.

Now you can start every sales conversation with a monthly payment solution. Get your customers’ attention early and watch your sales grow. Advertise low monthly payments today…

Apply Through Portal

Apply on your own schedule. Receive a decision within seconds using proprietary risk model analysis that uses over 1000 data points. .

Accept Terms

If your application is approved, you will be asked to accept the proposed terms for your loan.

Merchant Accepts Funds

Merchant receives funds next business day. Repayment is automatic and collected by the lender..

Loans That Help Your Customers Credit Grow

Unsecured loans means no collateral needed. Loans get reported to both credit bureaus which helps establish and rebuild their credit. 

How SimpleLend Works

Join the SimpleLend Network and offer your customers financing both in-store and online
Customers fill out a digital application. Approvals take three minutes.
Customers chooses payment plan term.
You get paid next business day.

Why Join SimpleLend?

Increase Traffic

Joining the network means getting access to millions of customers.

Grow your financed sales and sell more

In fact, retailers have seen a 300% – 480% growth in financed sales after joining the SimpleLend Network.

Close sales fast

Your customers can apply in-store on any device or online; and they’ll be approved in less than three minutes

Easy Omnichannel integration

Our e-commerce solution’s API is built for seamless integration with an easy plug and play system.

Improve the shopping experience

Your customers will have payment options that suit their budgets and that they can feel good about.

Benefits for Merchant

> Easy to use software, customer approval is done in less than 5 minutes.

> Attract more people to your store by advertising 0%APR 0%Down.

> All financing is DEPOSITED to MERCHANTS account NEXT  BUSINESS DAY

> Merchant does not deal with any collections from the customer, ever.

> Allows customers the ability to afford higher priced items.

> Create attractive packages for your customer.

> 10% fee charged to the merchant can be passed on to the customer. (customers are aware there is a cost to borrow)

> Higher approval ratings than Desjardin, Flexity, and TD with the most simple application process for your customers.

> Marketing support to attract business with special financing offers.

Benefits for Customers

> Fast and simple application process

> Low monthly payments at 0% interest.

> High approval rating (480 BEACON) .

> Stable, reliable financial services.

> Convenient monthly payments.

> Immediate access to revolving credit line.

> On-the-spot credit decisions.

> Ability to make repeat purchases at your location.

 > 6 months- 60 months OPEN LOAN terms.